Monday, 12 August 2013

Foundation, Tinted Moisturiser, BB Cream

Before I get into this post, I just want to apologise for not posting since Wednesday! I've just been busy. But anyway, onto the post! 

I've not done a post dedicated to foundations yet, so I thought it was time to change that! I'm going to show you the foundations, bb creams and tinted moisturisers that I own, and also a little review so you can get a feel for the products! 

Mac Matchmaster Foundation (Shade 1.0)
I've had this foundation for a while. I bought it because I previously used the Pro Longwear and the Studio Fix by Mac and I wanted to try something different as loads of people rave about the Mac foundations like there's no tomorrow! I would say that this foundation is okay, nothing amazing but not complete rubbish! I probably won't buy it again once I've used it all, but I've had my eyes on Mac's Face and Body - if anyone has tried it please let me know your thoughts on it. 

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation (Shade B10)
I think I saw Essiebutton raving about this in one of her videos so I just had to get it! At first I was literally in love with this beauty, but recently I just can't wear it anymore! I have dry skin, and this foundation really clings to my dry areas and makes my face look awful! I'm really trying to make my skin better so that I can continue to wear this but so far nothing it helping! I do really recommend this product though to close with normal skin as it's a beautiful product that leaves you with a natural, dewy finish.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation (Shade 180, Sand Beige)
I recently bought this because I needed to get a darker foundation for Prom as I was wearing fake tan. I have the 'normal/dry skin' one, there's also an 'oily skin' option too. I've been loving wear this foundation when I'm more tanned, and I'll probably buy it in a lighter shade too so I can use it as an everyday foundation. The formula is similar to Mac's Studio Fix Fluid, as it's very thick. Don't be scared though, it blends really nicely and it doesn't look cakey (just aslong as you don't put too much on).

17 Sheer Moisture Foundation (Shade Light)
I usually wear this in the hotter days or if I'm on holiday. For the price (which is cheap) it's actually a really lovely foundation. The coverage is really sheer, but definitely thicker than a tinted moisturiser. If you're looking for a cheap, sheer coverage foundation then try this out. 

Mac Studio Moisture Tint (Light)
The smell of this just reminds me of being on holiday because I bought it just before I went away to Florida a while ago and I used it all holiday. It's a nice tinted moisturiser, but for a tinted moisturiser it's also pretty expensive so I probably won't buy it again. 

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream (In Shade Light)
Wanted to hop onto the BB Cream bandwagon so I got this. It does leave your face with a nice finish but the only issue I have is the shade selection. I have the shade 'light' and it's too dark! If it was a bit lighter I think I'd get more use out of it.

What is your favourite foundation? Let me know in the comments, especially if there's any gems out there for dry skin! I've also made a twitter for this blog, so you can follow me here 


  1. What great picks! My favourite foundation is L'Oreal True Match as it really does match my skin colour without being too orangey. I have dry skin and it doesn't seem too bad for my skin :) x

    1. Ah my mum used to use that!! Might have to check that out :) x

  2. I love all your pics, like the comment below I'd suggest you to try L'oreal True Match as it just goes pretty well with dry and oily skin..:)



  3. I have both Matchmaster and Face & Body and F&B is like a more dewy and moisturizing version of Matchmaster (or maybe Matchmaster is f&b's matte sister).. I personally like Matchmaster better because its colour suits me better than anything from the N/C MAC range and because it tends to last longer on my skin (also I like a matte finish better cause my skin is really oily). Also f&b can be a bit tricky to apply sometimes (it is terribly runny) but I guess you get the grip of it after a while! I'd tell to get a sample of face and body before you buy cause it's a really unique foundation so you might either love it or hate it

    isabela from fusels.com

  4. I found the Maybelline BB cream to dark as well! I would love to try a MAC foundation :) x