Monday, 9 September 2013

A Moisturizer For Lazy People

Lets face it, sometimes we just can't be bothered to rub moisturizer all over our bodies after a shower. I know I'm extremely lazy when it comes to this, as after a shower I just want to dry off and throw on some comfy clothes. That's where this little gem called the Spray-On Body Moisturizing Mist by Soap and Glory comes in handy!

Like every Soap and Glory product, it smells amazing, it has that signature Soap and Glory scent (like in the body butters, body wash & others). The mist is really fine and even so you don't have random patches of the product on your skin - it goes on evenly.

The thing I like about this (probably due to my laziness) is that it doesn't take long to skin into your skin at all. So, if you're applying it after a shower you can spray it on (once dry) and immediately put clothes on - which is a plus for me! I hate the waiting around for moisturizers to sink into the skin.

Obviously, with it being a body mist, it's not going to deeply moisturize your skin. But, it does definitely soften the skin and leaves a really nice, 'just washed' scent. I just feel more clean after spraying this all over!

Have you tried this? Or do you want to? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. This is one of my favourite soap and glory products :) x


  2. oh my god need this in my life, i've been looking for so long for something that will make moisturising easy!!!
    This one is perfect for me :)

    Lots of love, Em x


    1. You should get it, it's so great and such a time saver! x

  3. my sister has these! they smell amazing :) xxx

  4. I really need to check this out, i'm so lazy with moisturising and this seems like the perfect product! :) xx


  5. you have literally saved my life, haha! I needed something like this for ages now, I'm terrible when it comes down to moisturisers I always forget after a shower, but thanks to you I can try this this out:)
    amazing blog by the way, love reading it so much x

  6. Oh I didn't realise that Soap & Glory did a spray-on moisturiser. This looks fab. Most of their products smell great as well.


    1. Yup in love with the Soap & Glory scent :)

  7. I adore the smell of this stuff!! It's one of my favourites from soap and glory :) xx