Monday, 23 September 2013

Geek Girl 2 - Model Misfit Book Review

Geek Girl Model Misfit is the sequel to Geek Girl. It stars a teenage girl called Harriet Manners who, to put it blankly, is a complete geek! Which, is relatable because I think we all posses an inner geek (And if you don't think you do,  stop lying to yourself!).

In this book, Harriet gets a call from her agent informing her that she has got a modelling job in Tokyo - she's doing alright for a girl who has just finished her final GCSE (whilst painted gold...). Although Harriet is extremely intelligent, she does get herself into some very silly situations that have made me laugh out loud.  After reading it, I really want Harriet Manners to be my best friend, take me on her modelling trips and tell me useless facts all the time.

We see Nick (Harriet's love interest from the first book) come back into the scene when he also goes to Japan. Nick and Harriet really do make my heart melt, their relationship is very cute. If you're anything like me when it comes to a bit of romance, you'll be a sucker for this book! 

My favourite thing about Geek Girl is that it's a very different and somewhat unique book. You'd expect models to be the 'cool kids' and not to be geeky whatsoever! Harriet, however, is completely the opposite to the stereotypical model which gives the story more of a humorous and interesting edge. 

Overall, I think that the book is a very easy read, nothing too serious and a fantastic book for teens. It's also something I genuinely enjoyed reading and it also introduced me to the author (Holly Smale) and I intend to get my nose stuck into some of her other books!

Not only did I enjoy the book, but I also feel as though now I know a lot of random facts  such as: 

  • Humans have 70,000 thoughts per day
  • Shark embryos fight and eat eachother in the womb and only the winner is born
  • Caterpillars have four thousand muscles   

(Also love the artwork on the cover!)

Are you thinking of reading this book? Any other books by Holly Smale that is a good read? Let me know in the comments!

The book is out on September 26th, you can pre-order it here

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