Friday, 6 September 2013

Slacking, Blog Name Change and Chit-Chat.

Hello you! My posts at the moment haven't been very frequent and I apologise for that. I've been busy sorting out all of my university stuff as I go on the 29th of this month, so I've been buying all the bits that I need, putting time into talking to my new flat mates and spending time with friends before we all move to different cities!

I've also been working to try and build up some more money for uni, applying for jobs and spending time with my boyfriend who leaves for his second year of university in about two weeks. Because of all this, blogging really hasn't been a priority. But, I'm pretty much sorted in terms of preparation for university now, and I'm ready to start blogging more frequently. I've got a few posts in mind that will hopefully be coming up within the next few weeks, such as what I'm taking to uni and then a university room tour type post once I'm there. I also want to do a lot of posts based around uni, including freshers and just how I'm adapting to the change of moving, meeting new people and starting a degree. I think posts like that could be helpful to people also starting university, let me know what you think!

When I first started my blog I never really thought much about the name of my blog - hence the really unimaginative name. I've been kicking myself recently about it and I really want to change the name of it to something better. If anyone has any ideas of names, or even how you came up with your blog name then I'd be really interested to know to please do comment and give me some tips!

I should have favourites post up this weekend so watch out for that! If there are any other posts you'd like to see please let me know in the comments as I'm always wanting to write about what you lot want to read! 


  1. Good luck for university, will look forward to seeing your room tour :)

    Following you, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  2. good luck in uni! i too just moved out and started college and i can't wait to read your posts about your experience! love the blog, just followed on bloglovin and gfc! :) x

    beauty about town ♡