Friday, 30 August 2013

A Nosy On My iPhone

I've watched a lot of the 'what's on my iPhone' videos on YouTube so I decided to do a big blog post about what's on mine. There will be quite a few pictures on this, just to warn you!

Excuse the air bubbles in the screen protector at the bottom - I'm not the best at putting them on!

So this is my iPhone 5! I've only had this phone for about a week or so. I have actually had an iPhone 5 for almost a year but the first one I had smashed. I was having an awful day trying to sort out my university accommodation, and to top it all off, I dropped my phone and the screen completely shattered. I'm now taking extra care of this phone, as if it was my child.  

I'm in love with the case I've got, it's from eBay (click here) for dirt cheap!

So this is my wallpaper, just a picture from a night out for my friends 19th birthday (I'm in the middle!).

Okay so on to the first page of apps! This page is pretty much apps that you get with the phone. However, you can see along the bottom bar I've got the apps I use the most - texting, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I'm pretty sure those apps are also most people's 'essentials'. 

This is the page where I keep my games, lifestyle and other social apps (Vine, YouTube, Snap Chat). I've chosen a  few apps to show you that I'm currently using and loving.

Okay so, this is my most used app at the moment. It's called 'MyNetDiary Pro' and it's basically a food journal. If you've read my post about my weight then you may know that I'm trying to gain weight. This app is so helpful as it allows me to enter how many calories I'm eating for each meal. This is great because it helps me keep on track every day (I'm currently eating around 2300 calories a day). It allows you to set a weight goal. If you're trying to lose or gain weight, I'd definitely recommend this app - if you don't want to pay, get the lite version!

This is when my childish side comes out! I've been so addicted to this app for the past few days. It's called High School Story and it's similar to games such as The Simpsons Tapped out and Hay Day, where you build your own little town. I'm a sucker for apps like this!


 These are some more of my most used apps. Obviously Bloglovin' is there, I'm forever scrolling through and reading new blogs posts. Blogger is also a really good app, it's great for on the go blogging and just making notes or draft posts. Of course, Instagram is also one of my most used apps, it's just great. I forgot to take a picture of Twitter, and I think that's my number 1 most used app, so make sure you follow me here!

And finally, a few more of my games. Yes, I hate to admit it but I am a Candy Crush addict! I think I'm on level 175 at the moment and I just can't stop playing!!

So that was a nosy on my iPhone, did you enjoy this post? I know it's very different to my usual but I wanted to spice it up a bit! Let me know in the comments what you thought, and also let me know what's on your phone! 


  1. Oo I've never heard of the 'My Net Food Diary' app. I usually use My fitness pal.
    Thanks for sharinf your apps!



  2. I love your case and I'm very often on Bloglovin though my phone too :)

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  3. i love your case! let's follow each other? :)


  4. Love posts like this, I'm so nosy! Especially as I have an iphone too, I love finding new apps! :)


  5. I'm a very nosy person, and love finding new apps and games to try out :)

    Joy-Ann | Beauty, Lifestyle & Random Blog