Monday, 26 August 2013

Avon Goodies

My mum recently became an Avon rep, so she bought a few bits for me and her to try out so she could talk to customers about products and just get a better feel of the things that Avon sell. Before this, I had about one or two Avon bits, so it was nice to try these!

Planet Spa Chinese Ginseng Revitalizing Face Mask
I do love face masks! I have no idea why, but the fact this one is 'Chinese Ginseng' made it seem all the more exciting to try out. I've only used it once, so I can't really give it a fair review. But I enjoyed using it. It's a peel mask too, which is always a bit of fun. Don't know about you lot, but it reminds me of primary school where I used to get a weird kick out of putting PVA glue on the table, waiting for it to dry and then peeling it off. Please tell me I wasn't the only odd child that did that?!

Gold Collar Necklace 
I've recently become a massive fan for big, unusual necklaces - which is really unlike me because I'm not really a jewelry girl. I do love this item because it's just really simple but still very pretty. When I wear it, I think I'll probably wear it with a low(ish) cut top. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I lent it to my friend when we went out at the weekend and it looked great on her!

Moroccan Argan Oil 
I've heard everyone talking about argan oil for your hair, so I thought it was time to give it a go! I haven't used it yet and I don't know if I'm going to like it. The directions say to apply to dry hair, I'm sort of putting off trying it because I'm worried it's going to make my hair greasy rather than all shiny and oo la la. But, I will report back!

Skin So Soft Oil
I've used this once and I had no idea how to use it (sorry if I'm being stupid) so I just rubbed it into my legs after my shower and it made my legs really nice and smooth. It took a while for it to sink into my skin, but the results were pleasing. But, I've only used it once so I can't give it a fair review just yet!

Clearskin Blemish Clearing Body Wash
I think I had an allergic reaction to a body wash I was using previously, my legs got really itchy which caused little red bumps and just irritation in general. I got this to try and clear up my legs, and to be honest, I've never heard of a blemish clearing body wash...have you? It seems to be decent so far, although it does have a scent of mild vomit, so definitely put a nice smelling body wash or cream afterwards!

In a Blink Eyeliner in 'Espresso'
I've needed a brown eyeliner for ages! I stopped using black ones a while ago (for my bottom lash line) because it just started to look odd on me. So this one isn't very exciting, just your average brown pencil liner!

Lipstick in 'Divine Wine'
This lipstick looks really lovely in the tube, but it does look different on the lips. I think the thing that puts me off this is that it had bits of shimmer in it, and that just isn't really my thing. Personally, I think it looks better when you dab it on the lips and build it up slowly, rather than just slapping it on all thick!

What are some of your favourite Avon products? Let me know in the comments. Also, some of these products may appear in future posts, such as reviews, favourites or dislikes so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested in knowing more about any of the above products. 


  1. That necklace is lovely :) + I know what you mean about the peel of masks! x


  2. Just found your blog on twitter and wanted to let you know how cute it is! Love this post and can't wait to read more from you! xx

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  3. that necklace is gorgeous :)

  4. I like a lot of Avon's products. I think their nail polishes are my favorites. I like the Skin So Soft line in pink cashmere too.



  5. I love the look of that lipstick, and the necklace is so cute xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I love Avon products - they are such great value, particularly when you get them as part of an offer. I have quite a few of the In A Blink Liners and I would definitely recommend trying some of the other shades too, they're great!

    Ash :-)

  7. I really want to try out the Skin So Soft Oil. I rarely purchase anything from Avon though.


  8. The face mask sounds lovely! I've never actually tried anything from Avon believe it or not!!xx