Sunday, 4 August 2013

Emily Loves - Neutrogena Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Good evening lovelies! This is my first proper review post, and I wanted to take a second to introduce my 'Emily Loves' posts. Every now and again, when I find a product I love, I'll do a post about it with the title 'Emily Loves'. I wanted to do this so that you can see the products that I've been loving and recommend - just thought it was a nice idea. Anyway, enough ramble and onto the review!

 I got the Neutrogena Gentle Exfoliating Wash a few days ago in a budget haul you can see here. I've been using this product since the first day I got it and I have definitely noticed a positive difference in my skin.

I have normal/dry skin with redness around my nose. From using this exfoliating wash my skin has just completely calmed down and the overall colour of my face has become much more even and nice looking, which is fab! I hate this phrase, but it really 'does what it says on the tin' by scrubbing all of the dead skin off and leaving you with cleansed and smooth skin - lovely stuff!

Another thing that contributes to my love for this product is the price, it's so cheap! I purchased mine from Bodycare for £2.49, however I am aware that there are not Bodycare stores accessible to everyone, so you can purchase it from Boots here for £3.99.

After using this Neutrogena product it's definitely made me want to buy more products from their skincare line, and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


  1. This looks really good! I love the grapefruit face wash thing they do :) x



    1. Ahhh yes I've tried that before :) x

  2. I used this range for so long and I loved it for the time it was appropriate to my skin :')

    isabela – fusels.com x

  3. I've always liked Neutrogena since vanessa hudgens did the campaign for it!

    Lots of love, Em x


  4. this face wash sounds lovely :) thanks for the review Emily xo