Monday, 21 October 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Review

I first heard about this product through Essiebutton on YouTube and everything that I've tried that she's recommended I have loved! Another reason for going for this foundation is that it is a drugstore foundation and now I'm on a student budget, I wanted to go for something a little cheaper. I was sort of skeptical about choosing a drugstore foundation just because I've been using more expensive brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and YSL. I honestly didn't think that a drugstore foundation could please me as much as an expensive one - but I was wrong!

The thing I really like about this foundation is the formula of it, it's gel based which works wonders on my dry skin, it smooths over dry areas beautifully - something my YSL foundation failed to do. It's also a serum and a foundation, so I guess that it is better for your skin and has more healthy ingredients that won't irritate the skin. I wouldn't say my skin has got better from using it, but it definitely hasn't reacted to it, no spots - nothing!

The only problem I have with the product is that I bought a shade too dark, but that's just me being stupid and not paying attention to what I picked up! I will 100% be buying it again, it really is a fantastic foundation.

If you're looking for a bit more information on it from the official site, click here
You can purchase it from here

Have you tried this foundation? What other Bourjois products would you recommend?

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